hALASIUS has edited the first album in history which is completely empty. This CD (art contemporary object) is the physical support of his Philosophical Essay:

Today just remains the inseparable breath of the memory of the melody that we have used to be. The music has died. The Spirit has withdrawn.
There will always be musicians and we will continue playing some chords but everything will be just a re-activation. Just a wake of it that has escorted us from the beginning, our auto-preservation mandate.


Why is Music used to standardize, instead of opening new ways?
Why is Music no longer a sign of revelation/rebellion but only a sign of the system where it was born immersed?
Why does Music give in its own concept to the reign of technical sound?

When that being with pulse appeared (timidly but with plenty of determination) from the shadows of the humanity's dawn, he began the manifestation of his own pulse, even before being self-aware.
Each and every living being has an implicit mandate to preserve itself in its essence; hence, the survival. That mandate of permanence is what the human beings transformed sublimating it into Culture.
Culture is the way to read ourselves historically and become aware of our existence as indivisible beings. Conceiving our race as an entirety in its kind is the function of doing Culture.
Long before the survival became the culture, the rhythm had encouraged us to give a pulse to our incipient consciousness.
That consciousness wouldn't be itself until discovering the dimension of the Lie. The same Lie that soon would have fathered the metaphor.
The consciousness would have discovered itself in its own wake (the thought) giving a rise, even up to our time, to an uncontainable event.

As postmodernism's children, we synthesized and humanized everything on our path reaching the radial way in which we live today. Today we are already out of the historical linearity.
We have produced the end of the story. We have invented the Net and we have supplanted God.
In this virtuality, the human being no longer constructs or destroys, he only makes updates.
This is the Age of 'the end of the Line and the beginning of the Radius.'
Therefore, we live "by and for" the Net. We are lonely human beings but without being able to "exist alone."
That is the concept of the Net.

A branch, a stone, a stick were to our ancestors the same thing that for us is a machine to play music, in our virtuality today.
Music that we already know, beforehand.
Nowadays, music even comes to do without the musician himself, putting the concept (the production) in the main place.
Now, we scratch, rub and beat with finger-sensitivity to play sounds that one day have been born from amazement.

Has Music concluded its passage through our world?
Has Music left our musical creativity orphan?
We will try to answer all the questions, one by one, in this essay that I have called,


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